Welcome to Cabell County Pre-K

  • Welcome to Cabell County Pre-K

    In 2002, the West Virginia Legislature passed legislation guaranteeing access to quality preschool programs for all four year old by the 2012-2013 school year.  The legislation mandates school districts collaborate with existing early childhood programs to provide these services.  In fact, at least 50% of WV Pre-K classrooms must be housed in community settings.

    All early childhood providers in Cabell County are invited to participate in a collaborative planning process that takes place through the course of the year to ensure a seamless delivery to the students regardless of their location.  Our goal is to provide a program that best fits you and your child's needs with as little transition as possible.

    This is Cabell County's fourteenth year working with our collaborative partners to provide an enriching and quality pre-K program for our youngest students.  Located in various programs throughout the county, (Head Start, Child Care Programs, Elementary Schools and Faith Based Schools) our forty-nine classrooms provides a range of experiences based on the West Virginia Board of Education Early Learning Standards.

Pre-K Staff